Hugh Featherstone, a troubadour of our times
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Hugh Featherstone and cool, clear water

Studio Bohn

Hugh Featherstone, photo by Mary Lejoly

Mary Lejoly

Hugh Featherstone, photo by David John

David John

Hugh Featherstone, photo by Michael Birken

Michael Birken

Hugh Featherstone, photo: Martine Passagez

Martine Passagez

Hugh Featherstone, singer, songwriter and guitarist, is undoubtedly one of Europe's finest musicians. His music is unvarnished and his songs are thoughtful and penetrating, longingly dreamed and the same time wide-awake; sometimes delicate, sometimes hard, always street-wise and world-aware.

Many of Hugh's songs are stories telling of people's hopes, fears, trials and tribulations. Themes range widely, from laundromats to landmines. At the core is always love - in all its forms.

As a musician (guitar, violin, vocals) Hugh performs solo, with his acoustic trio Featherstone and the Tone Poets, the "celtic chamber orchestra" Spirit Level or his stage band Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts (see news). The Englishman, who lives in east Belgium, has delighted audiences all over Europe, from Wales to Wallonia and from Berlin to Bulgaria.

Don't miss the chance to experience this completely original artist live, as he is always able to deliver "a shot of Celtic soul against the emotional cold". And who couldn't do with a bit of that?

"A master of tonal expression"

Oberhessische Presse

"A shot of Celtic soul against the emotional cold"

Belgischer Rundfunk

"Hugh Featherstone offers excellence in every respect"

Hiero Itzo, Göttinger Kulturzeitschrift

"Such a thing still really exists then - the songwriter who can get along
completely without glitz and trash"

mubu, euregio musik magazine NRW

"Very beautiful ballads alternating between country-oriented shuffles
and catchy rock-inspired tunes"

Audio Magazine

"Music for people who still realize there's something going on
beneath the surface"

Thomas Koschwitz, RTL


Rockmusiker Magazine

"Excessively exaggerated"

Hugh Featherstone

As ex-frontman of Foreign Bodies, Pierre Le Suit, Best Foot, Coast To Coast, Test The West, Red Shift and Trans/At (bands that spanned an arc through traditional folk, via punk-country to the avant-garde fringes of art-rock), guitarist & songwriter Hugh Featherstone can look back on a colourful music career spanning thirty-three changes of address.

With his wife and family he currently lives in the picturesque borderland of East Belgium, on the edge of the Hertogen Forest.


A bird of passage between diverse musical styles, Hugh's playing avoids gratuitous virtuosity for an honesty of presentation in which the material dictates its own terms. His 5-piece rock band Hugh Featherstone and a Panel of Experts is an ideal complement to the intimate ambience of his solo appearances.

The collected experiences and observations of the last three decades emerge in bitter-sweet ballads and edge-city songs with poignant and penetrating lyrics and melody hooks that won't let go, delivered in a rain and woodsmoke voice that both cuts and caresses. Whether performing solo, or fronting a combo, an evening with Hugh Featherstone offers singer-songwriter music of rare authenticity.


6-string, 12-string and baritone acoustic guitars.

Hugh Featherstone plays Kraushaar Guitars.




Empty Houses, Largo, Announcer

West of Eden, Negotiations and Lovesongs,
Me and Miss Wray, News From Nowhere,
Landing, Landing, Live at the Chapel, Friendly Skies,
9 on the sub-prime

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Hugh Featherstone CD 9 on the sub-prime

9 on the sub-prime

studio album with
A Panel of Experts

Hugh Featherstone CD Friendly Skies

friendly skies

solo album

Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts CD Live at the Chapel

live at the Chapel

live album with
A Panel of Experts
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